500X City Look: the SUV with an elegantly iconic design

500X City Look: the SUV with an elegantly iconic design

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A brave soul and a heart full of substance. In a bold, avant-garde SUV.



The best version of this stylish SUV, with plenty of space and a fabulous interior.


The 500X looks like the best-rounded Fiat we’ve seen launched in many years – and a serious contender in its class thanks to all-round competence and ability.


Fiat pumps up the 500 to create the 500X and may have created the best small crossover in the process.


Fiat 500X City Look infotainment technology


Touch screen display from 5 to 6.5’’, steering wheel commands, Bluetooth® with Audio streaming, eco:Drive™ function and Uconnect™ infotainment system: 500X offers all the technology you need for perfect travelling.

Not available on Pop trim.

Fiat 500X City Look Uconnect™ system

Uconnect™ Radio

500X offers plenty of options, from the 3.5" Uconnect™ radio with USB and Aux-in media player standard on entry Pop level, to the Uconnect™ 5’’ touchscreen with DAB radio and navigator on Pop Star trim with Uconnect™ 6.5’’ touchscreen DAB radio with HD display and 3D navigation system on Lounge trim.

Fiat 500X City Look Uconnect™ live

Uconnect™ LIVE*

The Uconnect™ system's many services offer you a superb new driving experience. This includes TomTom LIVE*, which provides you with updates on traffic, weather and road info on your route, all in real time.
And you can also travel in the company of music offered by TuneIn and Deezer, bringing youover 100,000 internet radio stations and a music library of over 35 million tracks. All this, while keeping up with the latest world news from Reuters!

*TomTom LIVE requires a data enabled smartphone and will utilise phone data for the LIVE service.

Fiat 500X City Hi-Fi Beats audio

Hi-Fi BeatsAudio™ Sound

With 500X you can effortlessly express your emotions through music, thanks to the optional Hi-Fi BeatsAudio™ system. With 9 loudspeakers and an amplifier of over 500 Watts, you can be thrilled by a full-bodied, clean and clear sound.

Fiat 500X City Look Keyless

Keyless entry / keyless go

Thanks to Keyless technology, you can get in and out of your 500X City Look and start the car simply by having the key in your pocket.

500X City Look Bi-Xenon lamps

Automatic High Beam & Low Beam Headlights with Bi-Xenon Lamps

Optimum visibility is guaranteed by active systems which activate or deactivate different light options according to light conditions and road traffic. With visibility further optimised by optional Xenon technology providing lamps that aid clearer vision, truer to the natural vision of the human eye.