• 16'' steel wheels
• Fiat logo painted red
• FIAT Monogram black fabric seats
• Halogen headlights


(RED) and Fiat: a unique partnership that fights health emergencies and, more generally, pandemics with every purchase of a (500e) RED, creating the most ethical and relevant series. (RED) is an organization that fights global health emergencies like AIDS and COVID. Every time you buy a (RED) product, your purchase triggers a donation to the Global Fund, supporting a range of prevention, treatment, counselling, testing, education and care services to the communities most in need. That’s why we’ve proudly joined this experience and created the (500e) RED: to let you be part of it.

*Since 2021, FIAT, alongside sister brands Ram and Jeep, has committed over $4.5M to the Global Fund through its partnership with (RED) to support life-saving programmes where injustice has enabled pandemics to thrive.


Turn heads with a fresh (RED) look, iconic style and cutting-edge technology. Unique door handles, halogen headlights and side arrows are some of the many features of this exclusive special series.​


In its interior you’ll find fabric seats, black recycled-fabric with Fiat Monogram and red seams. In addition, you'll be able to adjust and regulate them in 4-ways. A dedicated painted logo with the 500 classic badge enriches the premium black steering wheel, reshaped to recall the iconic style of the two-spoke ’57 Fiat 500.


A trusted co-driver, always by your side: the (500e) RED comes equipped with safety features such as Keyless Go and Cruise Control, ready to provide you with a superior level of safe urban mobility.​​



You'll enjoy an unmatched experience thanks to the Uconnect™5 Radio with 10.25" touchscreen, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™. You'll also get a smart audio system with a dock and 4 speakers so you can enjoy your favourite music. And don't forget the Bluetooth, that lets you connect all the smartphones in the car.​