500 - All Eyes on Me

500 - All Eyes on Me

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Dress up look sharp. Wrap your car in a style to match your personality. Our wardrobe for this collection has never been more on trend. 

Fiat Fullback Pickup Exterieur

New Fiat 500-60th: the style revolution

Designed to celebrate sixty years of the Fiat 500. The beautifully crafted exterior, the evocative interiors, the uniqueness of the vintage badges and the latest available technology has been designed to turn heads. Everything about this car screams iconic style.

Available exclusively as a convertible.



Fiat 500 multimedia radio technology

Come on feel the noise!

Journeys are so much better when you’ve got your favourite music along for the ride. On board the Fiat 500 you get Uconnect™ Radio, a comprehensive sound system with AM/FM tuner, USB/AUX inputs and steering wheel controls. So connect your devices and listen to all the music you want, however you want.
Fiat 500 multimedia radio technology

Ready to Party

Electro-jazz? Progressive-folk? Hardcore-banjo? However niche your music tastes you’ll want to listen to it on the best. That’s why music fans can choose the optional eight-channel Beats Audio Hi-Fi system with DSP amplifier, six speakers and subwoofer, delivering a total power of 440W.
Fiat 500 infotainment technology

It’s social. But it’s not a follower.

Sometimes, a simple radio won’t quite cut it. Uconnect™ offers endless extras and is available in numerous different solutions on board the Fiat 500. Spoil yourself and add whatever you like to your Uconnect™ Radio. Enhance it with a 5” or 7” HD touchscreen and discover all the LIVE features, including TuneIn, Deezer, Reuters, Twitter, Facebook Check-in, my:Car and eco:Drive*. If it's the full package you're after, choose Uconnect™ 7” HD LIVE and add top-quality TomTom navigation to your trip.
Fiat 500 TomTom navigation system

No Sense of Direction? No Problem.

Never get lost again with the Fiat 500 when you choose the navigation option, including TomTom 3D maps, plus all the TomTom LIVE services*, such as real-time traffic, weather forecasts, safety camera alerts and point-of-interest searches. Ready to navigate?
Fiat 500 ecodrive technology

Are you saving energy today?

The Fiat 500 makes your life easier thanks to eco:Drive™, the app that helps to reduce CO2 emissions by giving you real-time feedback on your driving style, as well as tips for improvement.