Range and battery charging

Everything you need to know

Discover everything you need to know about charging and how to make your car go further.

What is the maximum range of my car?

The range of your car varies based on the model. The new Fiat 600 electric has a range of up to 254 miles in WLTP combined cycle. The 500e can reach up to 199 miles in WLTP combined cycle. Check out the video below to find out more about its reach and other driving modes than can enhance your range.

Regenerate energy by braking

The regenerative braking technology uses the car's kinetic energy whenever the accelerator isn't used. By gently slowing down, the energy produced can be used straight away or be stored in the battery. This technology is available on the new 600 and the 500. Find out more by watching the video.

Factors affecting range

The speed factor

Speed is the main factor which impacts battery range. By driving smoothly and adhering to speed limits, you can avoid excessive energy use.

Driving habits matter

Eco-driving is key to maximizing the range of electric vehicles. Smooth acceleration and gentle braking reduce energy consumption, while the regenerative braking function adds charge as you drive. Combined, these good habits can increase range by 15%-20%.

Outside temperature

The weather can reduce range by up to 40%, depending on the level of heating or cooling required in the cabin. In the cold, pre-conditioning the cabin temperature using the MY FIAT APP whilst the car is still plugged in is an effective way to improve range.

Find a charging point with Octopus Electroverse

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