Driving and Maintaining
Your Electric Car

Electric driving comes with a host of advantages, from technology to sustainability, and even maintenance options.

Driving an electric car

Discover all the benefits of driving an electric car. Answer your questions by checking out our videos about electrical technology

Driving Electric

Many things make electric vehicles so unique: their silence, their ease of driving and also their innovative technology. The new 600e and iconic 500e have all this and much more. Watch the video and learn more about the electric world.

Fully electric cars with reduced CO2 emissions

Having an electric car means, first of all, reduced tailpipe emissions. With that in mind, you can drive the new 600e and the 500e whilst enjoying every minute on board, with full pleasure and a very light heart.

Frequently Asked Questions


In order to keep your electric vehicle in its best condition it is recommended that you visit your local Fiat workshop in line with the recommended service schedule for your vehicle. For battery electric cars this is usually every 2 years or 16,000 miles, but please check your vehicle service manual for the correct information.

The mechanics of an electric vehicle are much simpler than those of a traditional car, due to fewer moving components and liquids to top up or replace during servicing. Thanks to regenerative braking, even the brakes are used less often than in petrol & diesel cars, so they last longer too.

Any of our authorised Fiat workshops can carry out routine servicing and maintenance on your electric vehicle. It’s important that any technical procedures on any part of the high voltage system are carried out by a trained technician using the correct safety equipment and tools.

Regular maintenance for an electric vehicle is similar to that of a petrol or diesel vehicle. As your vehicle ages, wear and tear items such as tyres, wipers and bulbs will require replacement. An electric vehicle requires coolant to guarantee its battery remains in optimum operating range, so this is something which will need changing regularly.

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