Fiat, the future is on track

The media event “Fiat, THE FUTURE IS ON TRACK” was held at La Pista 500: the famous Lingotto rooftrack by Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Stellantis CMO.
The New Fiat 600e and the New Fiat Topolino made their world debuts marking a new chapter in the Fiat plan, further reinforcing the brand’s leadership in sustainable city mobility.

On the date of the 500’s birthday, Fiat celebrates the brand’s successful journey in recent years with an overview: both of its present and its vision for a bright and exciting future. The event was also the perfect occasion to introduce the enlarged 500e family: the New Fiat Topolino, 500’s little sister, and the New Fiat 600e, the big sister.

Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Stellantis CMO, said: “Fiat’s future is on track. In two years, we have made Fiat more profitable and more global than ever. Fiat has become the number 1 Stellantis brand by volume and leader in 3 major markets – Italy, Brazil and Turkey – in 3 different regions. Fiat has a clear role: a sharp focus on simplicity, lateral thinking, joyfulness, and social relevance. All this makes us more attractive for Stellantis: and a brand worth investing in, in a big way. Thanks to Stellantis we have access to more resources, investments and synergies. So, Fiat is well and truly back. In the next 3 years our product plan will get Fiat back to where it belongs: a leader, a benchmark, a lovebrand. Today we are presenting the first fruits of this new era “powered by Stellantis”: the 500e family gets much bigger with a little sister, the Topolino, and a big sister, the new 600e. And I’m also proud to announce that Fiat has renewed its partnership with (RED), because we believe that being socially relevant means taking care of the planet, and also of its people.”

"Fiat’s future is on track. In two years, we have made Fiat more profitable and more global than ever."


New Fiat Topolino: Urban mobility in Italian style

Fiat continues its mission to develop sustainable mobility for cities so that electric driving becomes easy and accessible to all. Joyful, 100% electric – able to access and park anywhere – and only 2.53 meters long it's more agile than a car. With a range of 75km, easy charging – with a simple plug-in at home – and max speed of 45km/h, which fits perfectly with the new trend of speed limit of 30 km/h in the cities, Topolino is the ideal solution for the urban mobility. Simplicity is the key: the line-up consists of two bodies: the “closed” Topolino and the “open” Topolino Dolcevita, with one color, one wheel design, one interior, plus exciting customisation options.

Topolino perfectly embodies the New Dolce Vita style and pure Italian beauty and for its introduction Fiat has collaborated with five iconic companies in the world of Made in Italy: Armani, Damiani, Maserati, San Lorenzo yachts and San Pellegrino.

New Fiat 600e: the Italian B upgrade

The New Fiat 600e takes the best of the B and B-SUV worlds to offer a beautiful, joyful, and pampered driving experience, marking the brand’s return to the B-segment. It's the ideal solution for city lovers and is the perfect embodies the brand's values of Italian style and sustainability. It has a generous length of 4.17 metres, 5-doors, with a comfortable roominess for 5 persons and 15 litres of interior storage – best in class – and a trunk with 360 litres of load capacity. The lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 54 kWh give the New 600e more than 400 km range (WLTP combined cycle) and more than 600 km in the urban cycle.
The New Fiat 600e is available in 2 different full-electric versions. There's the New Fiat 600e La Prima, which represents the full upgraded version of the iconic New 500e, and New Fiat (600e)RED, the most accessible version of the New Fiat 600e. It also marks the next step of a collaboration launched in 2021 with (RED), the organisation founded in 2006 to fight AIDS and ensure the disease is preventable and treatable for everyone.
Packed with state-of-the-art safety and assistance features, it brings all the associated benefits to urban and extra-urban mobility with Level 2 Assisted Driving.

The marketing campaign for the New Fiat 600e includes a commercial with long-time environmental activist and Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Under the claim “The Italian Upgrade”, the video is a creative sequel of New 500 successful commercial “The Driver” that showcases everything the New Fiat 600e has to offer. Premiered today at Lingotto, the spot takes place in Italy. The New Fiat 600e is just as sophisticated and just as green as the New 500, but upgraded in style, roominess and range. It's bold, attractive, and it perfectly embodies La Dolce Vita.
The spot features two pieces of music, “Dolce Strada” by Nino Rota, performed by Katyna Ranieri, and a second one composed by Flavio Ibba and Daniele Sartori, performed by Flavio Ibba and Daniele Sartori. It also features the world-renowned pianist Alfredo Rodríguez, a prodigy of the international music scene. In 2006 Rodríguez was selected as one of twelve pianists worldwide to perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Here he was noticed as one of the best pianists by Quincy Jones, who offered him the chance to work together, kicking off his great career.