Living The Italian Way: Exploring the Meaning of La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita, literally translates as ‘the sweet life’. The essence of La Dolce Vita means to enjoy the small things, taking time to pause and appreciate everyday moments and generally to live life to the full.
“Living the good life…”

So what does this mean to Fiat?

At FIAT, we carried out research which found that well over half of people in the UK want to live a more relaxed and Italian lifestyle, the very definition of La Dolce Vita. The research also found 54% of those asked have been to Italy, and on average they've visited three times, with the vast majority (90%) keen to visit again in the future.

Inspired by this and recognising that perhaps we could benefit from more La Dolce Vita in the UK, at FIAT, with over 125 years of Italian heritage behind us, we decided to create a step-by-step guide to show how to incorporate La Dolce Vita lifestyle into our daily lives.

“Over half of Brits want to live a more relaxed & Italian lifestyle”

Introducing the “La Dolce Vita guide “ – inspired by FIAT

Our guide contains over 35 tips and tricks as well as a few timeless recipes, collated by leading Italian experts here in the UK, with the purpose of bringing some joy, colour and the meaning of La Dolce Vita sparkle into our day to day.

We hope our Dolce Vita Guide inspires you to embrace the Italian heritage and its way of life, to enjoy each and every moment, and hopefully help you along the way to living La Dolce Vita.


Ready to let La Dolce Vita enhance your everyday?

Let's introduce you to the partners behind La Dolce Vita guide. Each is an expert in their field. Each one lives and breathes the sense of La Dolce Vita in all they do. We hope you’ll maybe spot a recipe or a fashion tip in the Guide that might just add a little more colour to your life.

Style – Sofia Lazzari

Originally from Venice, Sofia is a London-based fashion stylist and creative director with experience styling for both editorial and commercial clients.

Embrace colour – Sofia Lazzari
No matter the season, play with colour. A great way to start wearing more colour is by wearing a monochromatic outfit but breaking it up by adding colourful accessories

Food – Gio Renzo Fioraso

Gio was born and raised in Vicenza in the northern region of Italy and is a renowned Italian chef in London.

Build your Italian cuisine inspired meals around what is in season at the markets – Gio Renzo Fioraso
When you visit the market, grab ingredients that are in season. Then plan and prepare your dishes with those ingredients, not the other way around!

Lavazza Coffee – David Cutler

David has been working in the coffee industry for 10 years where he is currently Lavazza’s UK Head of Training & Brand Ambassador.

Finesse the brewing method – David Cutler, Lavazza
Three things are needed to brew great coffee: coffee, filtered water and consistency. There are a variety of options to choose from which influence taste, mouthfeel and the final drinking experience. From pour-overs and Moka Pots, to Espresso Machines and French Press, consistency of dose, water quantity and brew time are essential - experiment and discover which method and recipe ignites your tastebuds.

Design – Luca Faloni

Luca was born in Turin, northern Italy, home of Fiat, but now lives in London where he owns his own fashion brand which grants gentlemen world-wide access to clothing masterfully created in Italy.

Casual yet smart – Luca Faloni
Always pair a more casual item with a smarter one to create a modern look. For example, pair jeans with a more elegant shoe. You want your style to feel effortless but still considered, so always be mindful of not going too casual.

Pizza Pilgrims – James & Thom Elliot

James and Thom Elliot founded Pizza Pilgrims in 2011 after embarking on a “pizza pilgrimage” to Italy. They now have over 20 locations across the UK.

Authenticity without the tools – Thom & James Elliot, Pizza Pilgrims
The best way to make authentic Neapolitan pizza at home without an Italian pizza oven is to build your pizza in a frying pan over a high heat and then finish under a very hot grill. This cooks the pizza very quickly, replicating the intense heat of a woodfired oven.

Mixology – Pietro Rizzo

Pietro is a globally recognised Bartender, Consultant and Drink Designer from Piemonte, Italy.

The art of slow living – Pietro Rizzo
The Italian approach to drinking is centred around savouring the moment and enjoying the company of others during aperitivo or dinner time. It is about embracing a relaxed and balanced approach to life, where quality and mindfulness take precedence over speed and quantity. The real essence of what I call “The Art of Slow Living” is finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Fiat – Elena V

LIVE COLOUR. Just because the UK weather tends to be grey doesn’t mean our mood has to be too. That’s why at FIAT we decided to stop producing grey cars - ‘no more grey’ is our motto. Think La Dolce Vita, live colour!

So what does this mean to Fiat?

We hope after enjoying the guide you’ll feel inspired to a add a touch of La Dolce Vita to your life. Embrace the Italian way of life and enjoy the simple moments. To read the full guide download here or view online here.

At Fiat, we fully embrace La Dolce Vita, as demonstrated by the stylish design of our cars. After all, Italy is renowned as the 'land of colour', so it should come as no surprise that our range no longer includes Grey as a colour choice. To find out what colours we do offer, and to find out more about some of our range click on the cars shown below.

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