Electric driving is a completely new idea of mobility, and it’s full of advantages:
from technology, to sustainability, to maintenance.

Electric driving

The New 500 Electric helps you save more than just fuel: maintenance costs are up to 35% less compared to a combustion engine-car.

Fiat GOe LIVE app

Discover all the benefits of an electric car with Fiat GOe LIVE app: it tracks the driving behavior of any car and compares it to the New Fiat 500.


Why do you say it has the soul of the old 500?

You can easily recognize it as a 500 but it is totally new. More roominess but same proportions with a new character and more presence. The new Fiat 500 entails the elements of the previous generations, remaining the iconic city car with the same proportions in terms of style and clean design, always classic and cool at the same time.

What are the main technical features?

The main technical features are the following:
- Autonomy: up to 199 miles WLTP combined cycle range*
- Fast Charge standard: 85kW.
- Combo 2 smart charging ports.
- 11kW AC on board charger.
- EV Driving Modes selector with 3 driving modes.
- Cabin Pre-conditioning and charge scheduling.
- All new infotainment system with connected services.
- Autonomous Driving level 2.

How is it bigger than the current 500? How is it bigger in terms of roominess?

The new Fiat 500 is +61mm length, +22mm wheelbase, +56mm wider, up to 17’’ wheel. +42mm front seats internal width, +10mm front occupants headroom, +4.2 Lt storage capacity thanks to the new central console.

What is the autonomy level of the New 500?

Up to 199 miles in WLTP combined cycle*, in normal weather conditions.

Is the fast charger standard and or available on all trims/models?

On «la Prima» the fast charge is standard (up to 85 kW). The rest of the new Fiat 500 range will be revealed during this year.

Will there be other levels of trim available in the future?

You have discovered «la Prima», the epitome of style of New 500. There is also a complete range coming for New 500, it will be revealed during this year.

What are the main differences between the “Opening Edition” and the “normal” version?

«la Prima» will be the epitome of the New 500, including all the brand new contents in terms of style and technology available for the car. The opening edition features some exclusive contents like the monogram roof (for the Cabrio version), the exclusive interiors with leather free dashboard and seats. The new Fiat 500 Range will be revealed later this year.

How many colours is the La Prima available in? How many colours will the “normal” range be available in?

New Fiat 500 «la Prima» will be available with three brand new colours all inspired by nature: Mineral Grey (metallic) to represent the Earth, Ocean Green (micalized), to represent the sea, Celestial Blue (tricoat) as a tribute to the sky. The colours available on the range of New 500 will be revealed later this year.

Why did you present the New Fiat 500 as a cabrio version first?

The New Fiat 500 cabrio is the most iconic body for our little jewel.«la Prima» cabrio is the only urban electric cabrio car with 4 seats offered in Europe.

Does the new Fiat 500 offer the “One pedal driving” experience?

The new Fiat 500 is equipped with an EV mode selector that gives the driver 3 choices to manage the best driving style: NORMAL, RANGE and SHERPA.
The NORMAL mode offers a driving style as much as possible close to vehicles with internal combustion engine, with a reduced intrusion of the EV typical regen effect on the brake pedal.
The RANGE mode on the contrary includes the ONE PEDAL DRIVE experience, that maximize regen by combining conventional acceleration, using the right-hand pedal, with a much higher degree of deceleration than in a conventional car.
When the driver lifts off the pedal, the car slows down more quickly than an internal-combustion-powered car would, coming to a complete stop under some circumstances.
The driver still has to use the brake pedal to come to a complete stop, but once he has acclimatized, the only need to hit the brakes is for emergency situations, and gradually reducing the need to lift the right foot from one pedal to another.
The SHERPA mode optimizes residual range, through a smoother and lower accelerator pedal response. Limits the maximum speed at 50 mph. Climate and auxiliaries (heated seats, windshield, mirrors) are automatically turned off by the vehicle, even though the driver is always allowed to turn them on.

What’s the Price of the «la Prima»?

The price of the new Fiat 500 "la Prima" will be £32,995 for the convertible version and £ 29,995 for the hatchback version before any available incentives. As an electric car, the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» will be able to benefit (subject to customer eligibility checks) from local or state incentives. For full information, always consult the official websites of the relevant local or state authorities.