The pocket-size go-anywhere SUV now has an all-new look.

Fiat Panda Waze

New Panda Hybrid Launch Edition

The new Panda Hybrid Launch Edition celebrates the introduction of hybrid technology with unique and exclusive content. It features innovative seat upholstery in SEAQUAL™ YARN, an awarded 100% recycled fibre, made from the plastic collected from the sea.
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New Hybrid Engine

Drive into a world of benefits with the Fiat Panda’s new hybrid engine.
New Hybrid Engine


With the introduction of the new hybrid technology, Panda benefits from improved fuel efficiency, a reduction in CO2 emissions whilst driving* as well as enhanced driving dynamics and comfort. The hybrid system also allows for a quiet, vibration-free restart of the internal combustion engine in Start&Stop mode.


*According to NDc2 homologation


The E-Assist function enables the electric motor to assist the combustion engine during the acceleration phase for a more responsive driving experience. With the E-Coasting and E-Braking functions you don’t need to recharge the lithium battery, as it will efficiently recharge itself during deceleration and braking. Also, the extended Start&Stop function switches the engine off when the car is travelling at speeds less than 18 mph, saving on fuel consumption*.


*According to WLTP


The display cluster on the Panda Hybrid lets you keep a constant eye on all of the cars information. The cluster shows the level of battery charge, as well as the flow of energy in both the usage and recuperation phases.

In addition, an indicator will recommend when to shift gear in to neutral to activate the extended Start&Stop function.


Uconnect Fiat Panda City Cross

Ask for whatever you want

Have more fun: the upgraded Panda City Cross features the innovative Uconnect radio, which includes Bluetooth®, audio streaming, voice recognition system, MP3 player USB and AUX-in ports. This way, you'll be able to listen to your favourite songs and charge your smartphone directly from your Panda without lifting a finger.

find my car Fiat Panda City Cross

Simply technological

Your playlist, favourite radio stations, contacts, maps, temperature and even find my car.
Use whatever apps you want, to make every trip in your Panda City Cross simpler and more enjoyable.
start and stop Fiat Panda City Cross

Minimum fuel consumption, maximum fun

You stop, your engine stops. The Panda City Cross's Start&Stop technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption, along with the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI), which tells you when to change gear.