Frequently asked questions



Here are the most frequently asked questions related to parts and accessories.

There are 3 types of parts available that match your Fiat specifications. Genuine parts are the same parts as we fit in the factory, for optimal performance, safety, quality, durability and value. Approved parts that are a cheaper alternative option for cars older than 3 years. Recommended by our experts, the Fiat Approved Parts range under the Eurorepar, will allow you to keep costs down without having to compromise on quality. SUSTAINera parts are parts from our Circular economy program that consist in Remanufactured, Repaired, Reused and Recycled parts. They are another alternative option for older vehicles and car owners who want to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Simple: only those who made your car can make the best parts. Original spare parts are the result of a constant commitment in the research and development of innovative technologies. Additionally, they are subject to the strictest inspections from the moment they are designed until they enter production, to ensure reliability, comfort, performance and safety.

Because it is important to entrust your car to those who know it really well, down to the last detail. Original accessories perfectly integrate with all the mechanical and electronic parts of your car. They are regularly subject to strict inspections, to give you top comfort, performance, safety and customisation over time. Fiat offers a wide range of original accessories specially designed to make your vehicle even more personalised to your specific needs. Our original accessories are made with the engineers who designed and manufactured your car, so you always know you’re getting the very highest standards of quality, safety and durability. Choosing Fiat genuine accessories means Quality and safety (designed to the strictest technical specifications and tested under the most severe conditions), Style (perfectly integrated to your vehicle), Perfect fit and ease of use.  Make your car your own with Fiat original accessories.


Here are the most frequently asked questions related to maintenance

Fiat authorized repairer provides all the expertise you need. Our Fiat technicians are fully trained to know everything about your car. Whatever work needs to be done on your Fiat, from the annual vehicle inspection to bodywork, they are always happy to help with any subjects related to the highly technological systems of your Fiat. We built it, we back it.

All details on the frequency and mileage limits the servicing should be done in are given in the Scheduled Service Plan, including the Owner’s Manual on board your car.

For safety and performance reasons, it is important to adjust your tyres to the season. In summer you will prefer summer tyres (considered as regular tyres). For winter, you can have winter tyres fitted on your car. These winter tyres enhance the grip of your tyres on snowy roads. In some countries, seasonal Tyre change is mandatory at specific dates. We suggest to change your tyres when you reach the wear indicator on your tyres, or even before to prevent adherence loss and aquaplaning.

M+S tyres, whose acronym stands for “mud and snow”, bear these two initials on the sidewall of the tyre and are legally equivalent to winter ones. This type of tyre is also known as “all weather” and “all-season”. Winter tyres, also known as snow tyres, in addition to the letters M+S, also have a symbol moulded on the side: a three-peak mountain with a snowflake. These latter tyres offer distinctly higher performance both when braking and on snowy roads.

Recall Campaign is a voluntary action of the Car Manufacturer to correct any problems on its products related to the safe operation of the vehicle or to correct not conformities. Fiat will correct the problem, at no charge, even if the vehicle is out of warranty and you are not the original owner. As soon as you receive a notice, contact immediately a Dealership or Authorised Service Centre to book the intervention recommended for your car. You can find all contact persons for our dealerships and authorised centres contacting your Dealership. When you call to make an appointment, we remind you to have your vehicle’s chassis number on hand, which you will find in the Vehicle Registration Document (on page 2, under E).


Here are the most frequently asked questions related to services provided when performing your maintenance at a Fiat Authorised repairer.

Yes. If your car breaks down far from home*, we’ll get you back safely* – along with your travel companions. That includes the cost of a hotel, if you can’t get going again right away, and the return trip to collect your car after it's repaired. And, if the vehicle can’t be repaired within a day, we’ll cover the expense* of getting your car back to you at a later date.  *Remember to check your car’s Warranty & Services handbook so you always have the full terms & conditions available for the services provided.

There are various moments to purchase a service plan for your Fiat the first when you purchase your Fiat, you may subscribe to a Service Care (servicing)  plan to anticipate your maintenance costs, with no surprises and a fixed price.

You must purchase a Service Care plan before the 1st service is due.

You can subscribe to Warranty Extension anytime before the 2nd service is due.

Whatever the circumstances, Fiat Assistance is the complete roadside assistance service suited to your needs .Punctured tyre? Flat battery? Key lost? Whatever happens, don't worry, with Fiat Assitance, we are always by your side.