SUSTAINera – Circular Economy Parts & Accessories: making a better future


     Remanufactured Parts

With a wide range across 40 product families, our remanufactured parts are ensuring your vehicle is well maintained or repaired to the highest possible standard. From engines to gearboxes, turbos, injectors, clutches, alternators, starters, traction batteries for electric vehicles and more, our REMAN parts give you the same performance and durability as Genuine parts.

     Repaired Services

By repairing your genuine electronic parts, automatic gearbox and traction batteries, we offer you a suitable solution to your vehicle age and your budget.

     Reused Parts

Every single one of these used genuine parts taken from dismantled vehicles has been checked and verified according to a strict process. With a 1-year warranty included in the price, it’s the ideal solution to extend the life of older vehicles.

     Recycled Parts

By recycling non reusable catalytic converters, batteries, as well as many other parts and managing waste generated in our processes, we are preserving the environment through decreased waste and reduced stress on our planet’s resources and retrieved materials that are then fed back into the manufacturing process for new vehicles and aftersales products.