Performance & Safety

Maximum safety levels

Nobody knows how to take better care of your family than the 500L family. This is why we have chosen to add 6 airbags, at the front and sides of the car.

500L Cross sicurezza airbag

Trouble-free in the city

With 500L Cross, driving around in traffic is completely safe: Autonomous City Brake detects the presence of other vehicles or obstacles and automatically brakes to avoid collisions or mitigate their consequences.

500L Cross  sicurezza Autonomous City Brake

Full stability

Welcome to worry-free driving. With the Fiat 500L Cross, you can keep your family as safe as can be with perfect control in emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces thanks to the ESC stability control system.

500L Cross  sicurezza ESC

Got a mountain to climb?

Worried about hill starts? Pulling away smoothly on inclines is easy with the Fiat 500L Cross thanks to the Hill Holder function which holds the brakes preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

500L Cross Hill Holder comportamento stradale

Everything under control

The Fiat 500L Cross is always there when you need help. It’s equipped with DST, the dynamic steering torque that improves the car’s road handling performances.

500L Cross DST comportamento stradale

Safety in every situation

ERM is the advanced anti-rollover mitigation service, designed to make your trips even safer.

500LCross ERM comportamento stradale