The new Tipo Hatchback gives you the very best in space and comfort. Featuring a whole host of smart, space-optimising solutions, the handy compartments and holders offer total capacity of 12 litres, to stow everything you need when you’re on the move.

Tipo Easy 1.4 95hp£0
Tipo Easy Plus 1.4 95hp£0
Tipo Lounge 1.4 95hp£0
New Tipo Street 1.4 95hp£0
New Tipo Mirror 1.4 95hp£0
Tipo S-Design 1.4 120hp£45
New Tipo Sport 1.4 95hp£395
Tipo Easy Plus 1.4 120hp£545
Tipo Lounge 1.4 120hp£745
New Tipo S-Design 1.4 95hp£995
Tipo Easy Plus 1.6 120hp£1,045
New Tipo S-Design 1.4 120hp£1,295
New Tipo Mirror 1.4 120hp£1,495
New Tipo Sport 1.4 120hp£1,795
New Tipo Mirror 1.6 MultiJet 120hp£1,995
Tipo Easy Plus 1.6 120hp Auto£2,245
Tipo Lounge 1.6 120hp£2,545