Adaptations & Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Many Fiat Motability customers choose to have adaptations fitted to their cars to help make driving and travelling easier or more comfortable. Adaptations generally fall into three categories:

  • Stowage Adaptations allow you to stow your scooter or wheelchair
  • Driving Adaptations to help improve your driving experience
  • Access Adaptations which help you get in and out of the car

Stowage Adaptations

Stowage Adaptations that can be fitted to a range of Fiat Motability cars include:

  • Car boot hoists
  • Rooftop stowage boxes

Driving Adaptations

Driving Adaptations that can be fitted to a range of Fiat Motability cars include:

  • Hand Controls
  • Electronic Accelerators
  • Left foot accelerators
  • Pedal Modifications or extensions
  • Steering Balls / Aids
  • Remote Control Devices

Access Adaptations

Access Adaptations that can be fitted to a range of Fiat Motability cars include:

  • Transfer plates (electric and manual)
  • Electronic hoists (for people and mobility equipment)
  • Swivel or rotating seats

Independent Mobility Assessment Centres

If you think you would benefit from installing these adaptations on your vehicle then we recommend that you have a consultation at an independent Mobility Assessment Centre. These are staffed by occupational therapists and technical specialists who will advise you on which vehicles and adaptations are right for the needs of your disability. Your nearest Mobility Centre can be found here

If you think that you require adaptations on your Fiat Motability car then please mention this to your local Fiat dealer who can order these, on your behalf, as well as ordering your vehicle.


If you require more substantial adaptations and alterations to your vehicle to allow access and egress then a Fiat Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) might be more suitable for your needs. Fiat works closely with a number of specialist conversion companies to deliver high quality mobility conversions to suit all budgets. Fiat works closely with all converter manufacturers to ensure these converted vehicles go through rigorous design, manufacture and extensive safety-testing.

Below is a selection of the WAV companies Fiat works with:

Access Alternatives: 0845 0039075

Allied Mobility: 0800 916 3015

Atlas Conversions: 023 9226 5600

Bewick Mobility: 01661 833913

Bristol Street Versa Mobility Solutions: 0151 422 3666

Brook Miller: 0800 064454

Gowrings Mobility: 0845 608 8020

Lateral Designs: 01535 662244

Sirus: 0121 505 7777

TBC Mobility Conversions: 0844 656 2928

Vic Young: 0191 427 1566

Wilson Healey: 01704 227979