Job Loss Protection

Giving our customers confidence that they’ll be
protected in the event of unfortunate

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12 Month Job Loss Protection Features & Benefits

- Provided as part of your finance agreement, completely free of charge.
- Valid for the first year of your car finance package.
- Peace of mind that your monthly car repayments will be covered should you lose your job, meaning reduced financial pressure while searching for new employment.
- Accidental death, accident and sickness cover are also included, covering up to 7 monthly payments.

How to qualify for job loss protection

We know that unemployment is a concern for many when considering
a long-term financial commitment, especially during this time. Our payment
waiver covers you if you are made redundant through no fault of your own or
off work due to long-term sickness: the loan repayments can be waived for up
to 7 months or until you’re re-employed or return to work, whichever occurs

In either event, to qualify you must be off work for at least 30 days before the benefit can commence.
With the exception of the initial month of enrolment, all
waiver payments will be backdated to begin from the date they became necessary
e.g. the day you were made redundant.

What is job loss protection?

Our 12 month job loss protection benefit is a guarantee to our customers that, in the event of losing your job or being off work due to certified illness, your scheduled car finance payments will be waived (paid by us on your behalf) until you return to work, for up to seven months of instalments.

It is valid solely for the first year of the finance agreement, or until you close your finance agreement if this takes place within the first year.

For Full T&Cs visit here for Leasys and here for FCA Automotive Services.