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Maintaining your car, whatever its age, is essential to keeping it in good working order. In your vehicle and warranty booklet you'll find everything we recommend you do. Some things you could do yourself, or you can visit your Fiat dealer and we'll take care of it for you.


There are a number of simple things you can do to help keep your Fiat running smoothly:

  • Check tyre wear and pressure
  • Check engine oil level
  • Check screen wash level
  • Check all lights are working

Read our ‘How To...’ guides and do these yourself, or contact a dealer and we'll be happy to do them for you.


We have a number of essential services leaflets that explain the importance of maintaining your car:

Free safety check

Keeping your car in safe working order is essential, so we offer all Fiat owners a free visual safety check at Fiat dealers who participate in the FiatCare scheme.
Our technicians will carry out a number of checks, from your wipers and water level to the condition of your tyre treads and brake pads.

Air conditioning service

If you don't use your air conditioning for a while, bacteria and fungi can grow. The combination of condensation in the system and warmth from the engine creates the perfect breeding ground for some rather nasty and unhealthy odours. Our anti-bacterial treatment gets rid of the bacteria and only takes about 25 minutes – and if you have any problems within six months, we'll do it again for free.

Fiat Dealer Locator

Fiat dealers have modern, fully-equipped workshops staffed by Fiat trained technicians who only use genuine Fiat parts. You will also drive away with a 12-month workmanship warranty and Europe-wide parts warranty.