Fiat Car Warranty

Each new Fiat is built to the highest possible standards. We put every car through a series of tough tests, checks and inspections before it leaves the factory. Then, from the moment you drive your new car away, you're protected by no fewer than three warranties and FIAT Roadside cover.


Our 3-year warranty gives you total peace of mind. You're protected from almost every vehicle problem that might arise. You'll find details of what is and isn't included in the Fiat Passenger Vehicles Service & Warranty that you’ll find in the glove box of your car. Trained technicians at your nearest Fiat dealer will make any repairs as quickly as possible, so you're back on the road in no time.

The third-year dealer warranty enjoys the same level of cover as the two year warranty above but with a 100,000 mile limit from the date of the vehicles registration (60,000 miles for vehicles used for hire and reward, such as taxis) will have a 60,000 mile limitation in the 3rd year from date of registration.


The structural elements of the bodywork are guaranteed against perforations caused by rust, when it occurs from the inside out.

The Warranty provides for the repair and/or replacement of any original, bodywork structural element damaged by perforating rust and is valid for 8 years from the date of first registration. 

We advise you to check the specific terms and conditions of your cover in your warranty booklet.


The vehicle is guaranteed against manufacturing defects in the paintwork for a period of 36 months from the date of first registration. The Warranty provides for the total or partial repainting of the Vehicle to eliminate any anomaly determined, according to the Manufacturer's standard conditions.


For your first year, roadside assistance is only a phone call away should your car break down.

New Fiat Panda - Rear / Side View

It’s Panda time. Pile in.